Teach Me Your Ways

Moses said to God, “If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways!”  Spending time with God will not only open up His ways,  but you will truly get to know Him. Reading books will not do it.  Studying theology won’t do it.  Listening to religious music won’t do it.  And listening to great preaching won’t do it. Only spending time with God, personally and intimately can you truly get to know Him. And then you will find that intimate relationship with the one true God that you were created for.  Have you sat at His Feet today?


say yes

When Jesus chose His close friends, He surrounded himself with the lonely, the broken,  and the overlooked.   God is calling you to be a part of His church.- actually to be His church.   If you don’t feel you’re good enough or worthy enough, then you are exactly who He is looking for.   His only qualification is that you are willing to serve.  If that is you then pray this little pray with me.  Lord, ask me to do anything, anywhere, or anytime and I will be there with you.  You can count on me. Amen


There are those who believe they don’t need church.  Afterall they can find God outside the church.   I wonder if they ever realized that the church needed them?   Remember. God is not calling you to go to church as much as He is calling for you to be His church.   As believers in Christ,  we are incomplete without the rest of His body, the church.   And the church is incomplete without us


God doesn’t want us to be happy. Did I just say that?  Maybe I should explain.  God doesn’t want us to be happy when it causes us to do something wrong. Remember that the end never justifies the means.  God also doesn’t want us to be happy when our happiness is based on the things of in this world. Truth is,God doesn’t want us to be happy because He wants us to be blessed.  He wants us to be more than happy.  The happiness of this world is based on fickle happenings.  But the blessings of God transcend the things this world offers. May God’s blessings be upon you today.


Prayer is possibly the greatest fringe benefit of being a Christian.  When you have access to the true God you are in touch with the one who can make things happen.  Access to God means access to ultimate power. God will take on your case as if you were the most important person who ever lived.  Prayer gives you that privilege-  access to ultimate power.  Have you spent time in prayer today?  If not,  it’s not to late.  Your heavenly Father is waiting on you


I know that I am not suppose to worry but honestly I can’t help it.   I know that It’s not good for me.  My mind,  body and spirit suffer because of worry.   And so what do I do?  “I worry”.  The truth is “worrlng”  simply means we don’t trust in God. In Philippians Paul tells us not to be anxious about anything.  Worry,  in essence is the sin of distrusting the promises and power of God.  How about you?   Are you worrying about something today? Maybe you should just give it to God and hold on to the faith that He will handle it.   It works for me and I bet it will for you too.

Is God fair

We have often heard and believed that God is not fair and I have certainly  thought that over the past year.  However I have been reminded that God does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our inequities. The Bible tells us the wages of sin is death and we certainly have sinned and deserve death. To die and suffer eternally would be fair punishment.  Now aren’t you glad God is not fair.  I am

Rembering those who have gone before

When I  got up this morning to enjoy the Labor day holiday I thought  of those  loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord.  With that in mind let me share 2 eternal truths with you.   1) when we hurt  ‘God  hurts.   God  not only  knows our pain -He feels  our  pain. 2) The prophet  Isaiah  wrote  ” For the  Lord comforts  His people  and  will  have  compassion  on His afflicted  ones ”  God  loves you and will  never  forsake you.  These truths  brought comfort to me  and I hope to you  as well.